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ERISA Lawyers For Cases Involving Insurance Companies

How High Are The Stakes?

There are a relatively small number of insurance companies and self-insured plans that administer the vast majority of ERISA disability benefits claims. Are there common trends or standard practices that we can identify when litigating such claims? Yes and no.

First, different insurance companies and plans certainly have identifiable trends. However, those trends are continuously changing. Additionally, insurance companies and self-insured disability plans react to the case law and court decisions and trends that may vary from circuit to circuit. Thus, an insurance company may settle many cases in the 9th Circuit, but far fewer in the 8th or 10th circuits, where it perceives its chances of winning are greater.

At ERISA Law Center, we are familiar with the nuances of taking on insurance companies in the 9th Circuit. We handle disability claims for clients throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nevada. Our lawyers are available by Zoom or phone 24/7.

Who We Fight

Aetna LINA Reliastar
Anthem Lincoln Financial Sedgwick
Assurance MetLife Standard
Blue Cross Mutual of Omaha Sun Life
Cigna Principal United of Omaha
Guardian Provident Life & Accident Unum
Hartford Prudential  
Liberty Reliance Standard  

Self-Insured Plans We Have Dealt With

AT&T Short-Term Disability Plan
AT&T Long-Term Disability Plan
Federal Express Short-Term Disability Plan
Federal Express Long-Term Disability Plan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Long-Term Disability Plan
Pacific Gas and Electric Long-Term Disability Plan
Southern California Edison Long-Term Disability Plan
United Parcel Service Long Term-Disability Plan
Verizon Long-Term Disability Plan