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Filing an appeal to get a disability or life insurance claim approved or reinstated comes with a lot of red tape.  It is imperative that the information necessary to prove your claim is included in the appeal. Having an attorney who knows what to look for can give you the security you need.

Do Not Be Caught Off Guard During Your Appeal

The lawyers here at ERISA Law Center in Fresno, California, know what steps you need to take to get the best possible outcome in your case. Before filing a lawsuit, you need to file an administrative appeal which is required under ERISA regulations. Without doing this, you cannot file a lawsuit for any denial or termination that you have experienced.

Robert J. Rosati and Raquel M. Busani, our long-term disability attorneys, work diligently to help our clients understand the process. Because ERISA and bad faith cases can be highly complex, people whose disability or life insurance benefits have been denied should contact experienced legal advocacy as soon as possible. When you choose to work with our team, we will provide you with:

  • A legal team that is ready to fight for your rights and future
  • A legal team that is backed by years of experience
  • An accessible legal team that cares for our clients

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The process of submitting a disability or life insurance appeal is far from short. Thankfully, with over 35 years of experience, our attorneys can help make it as smooth as possible.

Our skilled team has succeeded in hundreds of cases for our clients. We serve clients across in the nation and are available to them during all hours of the day.

Long- And Short-Term Disability Companies We Have Fought

At ERISA Law Center, each member of our team is passionately dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients and helping them achieve the best possible outcome. Don’t let the stress of dealing with insurance adjusters deter you from the pursuit of benefits that are rightfully yours. Let us represent your interests instead.

Understanding Long Term Disability Benefits And Coverage

Long-term disability benefits are designed to replace income lost after a sickness or injury has made a person unable to work. Unlike Social Security Disability benefits or state disability benefits, short- and long-term disability benefits are not provided by the government nor are they statutorily mandated. Instead, private short- and long-term disability benefits are provided as employment benefits or are purchased individually.

How Can We Help When Your Life Insurance Claim is Denied?

If your life insurance claim has been denied, our life insurance attorneys are experienced in helping our clients obtain the life insurance benefits that they have paid for.

There are many reasons why a life insurance claim may be denied. As your life insurance attorney, we can help you fight that denial and get you the benefits you deserve.

We may prove that a death was accidental, that the insured did not contribute to his or her own death, or that circumstances were sufficiently unclear as to warrant denying a reasonable settlement. We may show that the insurance policy was “incontestable,” that an alleged misstatement on the application was based on ignorance, or that the insurance company could have uncovered the health condition through its own physical exam and investigation at the time of the application.

Whatever the reason your life insurance claim has been denied, we will aggressively search for a solution. Our attorneys will work with you and communicate frequently to help you recover your benefits.

Life Insurance Attorney Recovers Denied Life Insurance Claims For 94% Of Our Clients

At ERISA Law Center, we work as life insurance attorneys to represent survivors or beneficiaries who are being denied life insurance claims for benefit payments. We focus on life insurance policies that were obtained in connection with employment. These policies usually fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).

We like to believe that an insurance company will stand behind a life insurance policy it has issued. It seems almost unthinkable that when we have suffered the loss of a loved one, we could then be told that the life insurance policy is not valid. Unfortunately, in too many cases, surviving family members find themselves in this situation.

Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Sometimes an insurance claim will be challenged because the insurance company thinks that the insured person committed suicide. In other situations, the insurance company will argue that the deceased contributed to his or her own death by virtue of illegal or irresponsible conduct that isn’t covered under the policy. Other life insurance claims may be denied based on an insurance company claim that the insured misrepresented his or her medical condition at the time he or she submitted the insurance application. If the insurer can find medical records or other evidence that conflict with the application, it will usually deny the claim.

Begin your fight with the experienced life insurance attorneys at the ERISA Law Center today. Whether your claim has been terminated or denied, we can help you find options.

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