Fight Back Against Your LTD Denial

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act is a law that protects those who need to earn or keep their disability benefits from their employer. While this law is successful in its purpose, that doesn’t mean that using it for your benefit is easy.

If you or a loved one has had their insurer deny or terminate their long-term disability (LTD) benefits, get an experienced ERISA attorney who can help. Our lawyers here at ERISA Law Center Fresno, California, have over 35 years of experience in fighting insurance companies to earn the benefits our clients deserve.

Our experience helps avoid critical errors during an appeal process. For example, once you complete the appeal process, you cannot add to or alter the administrative record after that point. We also know the time frame that you need to meet to successfully file an appeal.

Do Not Take “No” For An Answer When Your Insurance Denies Or Terminates Your Benefit

Insurers commonly deny or terminate disability claims, along with the appeals for them. When insurers do this, they hope that you do not pursue legal action so they can keep from paying you.

Thanks to ERISA, you do not have to let your insurance threaten your future. We have succeeded in filing hundreds of lawsuits that resulted in reinstating benefits or earning a fair settlement in a comprehensive variety of circumstances.

What You Can Do To Appeal A Termination Or Denial For Your Disability Benefits

We serve our clients nationwide, and by being available 24/7 by phone we are never out of touch with our clients. If you need help in protecting your disability benefits, contact us today at 866-360-0983 to schedule a free and confidential case review with our intake specialist.