Get What You Paid For

People often spend many years paying for life insurance premiums to get the peace of mind that their loved ones have financial security after their passing. Because of this, it can be a massive shock when an insurance company denied a survivor’s claim for a life insurance payment.

Has Your Life Insurance Claim Been Denied?

If your insurance company denied your life insurance claim, you need an experienced attorney at your side to help you earn the payment you deserve. Insurance companies can come up with plenty of reasons to deny your claim, but our lawyers here at ERISA Law Center in Fresno, California, can help you pick their reasoning apart.

An insurer might try to claim that the circumstances of the insured’s death invalidate the life insurance policy. Our experienced attorneys know what it takes to show that the insurance policy covers the circumstances of the passing in question.

Whatever the reason for your life insurance claim denial, it is likely we have seen it before in litigation and in disability appeals. With over 35 years of experience with these kinds of matters, we have recovered 94 percent of our client’s insurance claims.

We work with clients nationwide in reviewing their cases, to see if a simple misstatement on an application or another type of oversight is the cause of the denial. We know how stressful it can be to pursue a life insurance claim while also grieving the loss of a loved one, and we want to make things as easy as we can for you.

Our Experience Can Make The Difference In Your Life Insurance Claim

We remain available to our clients during all hours of the day so that you are never alone in your claims process. If you need help in earning the life insurance benefit you deserve, contact us at 866-360-0983 to set up your free case review today.