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The best measure of our success is what we can accomplish in your case. But until we have that opportunity, we are privileged to offer you candid and informative testimonials from several of our recent ERISA benefit denial clients from across the nation. Their professions range from a bank manager, traveling nurse, quality control manager, to software company vice president. Through the efforts of ERISA Law Center, some were returned to on-claim status, others received settlements.

If you listen to these clients, you will hear the recognition and profound gratitude for the efforts of ERISA Law Center in identifying the crux of their disabling condition, presenting it effectively on appeal or in litigation, and achieving a beneficial result for their ERISA appeals. Most importantly, you will hear that each client was treated caringly, professionally and with dignity. Each client won twice: by selecting ERISA Law Center and by prevailing in their case.

5 Star Rating

“Special thanks to all for the ongoing assistance, it is much appreciated.”


5 Star Rating

“I’d lake to take this opportunity to thank you all so very much for all you’ve done.”


5 Star Rating

“This firm knows what they are doing! They are exceptional at dealing with the insurance company, while keeping the client protected from the harassment.”

My life changed when I began working with ERISA Law Center. To be transparent, I was a wreck by the time I found ELC. From the first time I spoke to Mr. Rosati I felt that the trajectory of my existence would take a significant and profound turn. Not only was my health deteriorating but the whole process of finding a law firm which truly understood ERISA Law was overwhelming. When Mr. Rosati called me for the consult, I distinctly remember where I was sitting in my home and that it occurred over a weekend. In my experience, no attorney has ever taken the time to call on a weekend. That’s how significant the memory is because of how the conversation made me feel. It was a memorable discussion which made me realize that I had to be represented by this firm. Our consult flowed smoothly, and I realized I finally found the experts in the land of ERISA. I was on the verge of losing my benefits and their turn around was expeditious, professional and masterfully done. This firm knows what they are doing! Prior to finding ELC, I worked with two different law firms in my local area. That was the most stress I have ever experienced in my life. My health declined significantly due to these other firms not understanding the law and charging excessive hourly rates. For some reason, one law firm had the disability insurance company still contact me, which was most unpleasant. I’ll leave it at that.

So, when I began working with ELC, I was shaken by my worsening illness, the tactics of the disability company and the lack of understanding of ERISA Law by other firms. Finally, ELC took over, and I mean “took over”. They handled all communications and that was such a relief. They were already familiar with my health disability. Just amazing. I worked very closely with Ms. Busani throughout the appeals process. There have been multiple appeals won by ELC since they took my case. She was impeccable with follow through and thoughtful with her guidance. Since I have focus issues, I was a challenge (that is an understatement) for ELC. Ms. Busani has the patience of a saint and was able to get me back on track and guide me throughout the process. I am forever grateful for her. These attorneys specialize in this practice area. The entire team, including Jill Fulkes, work closely together and are seamless with their approach. They are head and shoulders above the rest. They are exceptional at dealing with the insurance company, while keeping the client protected from the harassment. Their work is done with precision, perfection combined with exceptional knowledge. It’s also important to note, their kindness and compassion have restored my faith in humanity.

Marketing Manager

5 Star Rating

“ERISA Law Center did a good job moving my case forward and making sure I was informed through the whole process.”

I was receiving disability benefits from an insurance company and then at one point, they denied future benefits and said I was no longer disabled. I needed to obtain legal counsel, because I didn’t think that I would be able to prevail myself in trying to get my claim reinstated.

Well I realized that this particular insurance company that I was dealing with was really aggressive. They had done surveillance on me, which really didn’t amount to anything. But using this surveillance, they cut off my benefits and had sent the surveillance tape to my doctors and to my psychologist, and I realized that I needed some help in getting my claim reinstated; that I probably would not be able to prevail and do so myself.

I did some research. I realized that my claim probably wasn’t going to be a simple one to handle because it was covered under ERISA regulations, which I never really even knew existed. So I was looking for a law firm that had a good understanding of ERISA and would be able to represent me and do a good job, and based on my research, this is why I did select ERISA Law Center to represent me.

I did go on the Internet. I did ask some questions, did some research on my own to find out more about the ERISA regulations, and after looking at ERISA Law Center‘s website I was really impressed and wanted to give them a call to find out if they would be able to represent me; find out some more information whether or not I felt comfortable dealing with the law firm; and I had unfortunately had to deal with some other law firms in getting some other types of benefits reinstated. So I wanted to make sure it was a law firm that I felt very comfortable with.

I looked at the backgrounds of the lawyer who worked the law firm, and I was impressed with the research that I had done, even though I was a little bit apprehensive because I originally was looking for a law firm that was located in my general area – Marin County or San Francisco – but then I realized that in my particular case that didn’t really matter; that wasn’t even necessary.

Well, looking at, let’s say law firms, originally I thought it would be better to have someone representing me in the general area in Marin or San Francisco, but I realized, since this wasn’t going to involve necessarily a face to face encounter at the law firm, it probably wouldn’t amount to me having to travel anywhere, so there really was no need in finding a law firm that was right in my area.

I had been impressed with ERISA Law Center since I started my relationship with them in representing me against the insurance company, and the staff has always been very professional and friendly and helpful, and has always kept me informed by telephone, email and sent me hard copies of all documents pertaining to my case. What I really liked is they always let me know what to expect next, and my questions and phone calls were always answered very promptly, and that was important to me. I tend to be a consumer who is pretty demanding in what I get.

I felt ERISA Law Center did a good job of moving my case along, and making sure that I was informed through the whole process and I was very pleased with the amount of time that it took to get resolution in my particular case.

The resolution in my particular case, for me, meant that my benefits would be reinstated and that I would receive back benefits from the time that my claim was denied. So, I was very satisfied with that.

I’ve had ongoing contact with ERISA Law Center since my benefits were reinstated and they have continued to help me. I’ve gotten letters from the Insurance Company asking for updates on my medical history and requiring me to fill out documents, and ERISA Law Center has always been very helpful in helping me fill out those documents, which I’ve appreciated. As well as I’ve had some issues with a life insurance policy being denied and ERISA Law Center is also helping me with getting that life insurance policy reinstated.

I would recommend ERISA Law Center to friends or other family members or others who’ve had similar situations like mine without any hesitation at all. I’m very satisfied with the service I’ve gotten from the very beginning.

Bank Manager

5 Star Rating

“I was treated like a human being, not a number. My case was very personalized to me..

I selected ERISA Law Center to represent me in my long-term disability appeal because they seemed the most knowledgeable. I talked to roughly 10-12 attorneys, some local, some national. ERISA Law Center had the most knowledge. They were the most personal in my case; didn’t treat me like a number. I felt very comfortable.

During my appeal, dealing with ERISA Law Center was very helpful for me because I was kept informed through the, probably 6-9 months that it took to win the appeal. I was never left in the dark. The knowledge was top notch with ERISA. The receptiveness to my questions, I was always treated fairly. I was always responded to very quickly – usually a 3-4 hour turnaround – and I was treated like a human being, not a number. My case was very personalized to me.

During the course of my appeal, we would turn corners and pass milestones, I was always kept informed of all the ramifications of decisions, not only the team was making on my behalf, but also the decisions that I was trying to make on my own behalf. I was always well-informed of the possible avenues that would develop based on decisions, and where I would ultimately end up. The risks were presented and there were a lot of hard decisions to make and the thing I appreciated the most, I’m dealing with a team that has decades of experience with this. And I always felt better after talking to them no matter what risks were involved.

I wasn’t surprised because I always had faith that you guys knew what you were talking about. The thing I was surprised about was the industry trend that was happening, when I first contacted you, which was when insurance carriers were settling or trying to do buyouts rather than overturn terminations. So I was surprised I won the appeal. I basically thought I was gonna get a buyout.

Well, the process to me is not over. I was put back on claim after ERISA Law Center successfully overturned my termination case. It’s ongoing, so at this point, I’m back on claim. Every month I get a disability check from my insurance carrier – thanks to ERISA Law Center – and, I ask questions every 3-4 weeks. I ask the paralegals questions, I ask the attorney questions, and it’s the same relationship I’ve always had since I started with ERISA Law Center. And that is, I have a question, I write an email, I pick up the phone and call, and I am responded to very efficiently and effectively. I’m always put at ease. It’s not easy, it’s a hard process and I could be cut off again at any time and I know I’m able to call ERISA Law Center and pick up the process no matter what obstacles pop up in front of me.

If I was presented – now that I’m back on claim because ERISA Law Center successfully won my appeal – if there was an option for a buyout, if the insurance carrier decided that they would rather not deal with my claim and wanted to negotiate a buyout I would turn to ERISA Law Center.

Company Manager

5 Star Rating

“I decided ERISA Law Center and it was the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life.”

Shortly after I had become disabled and on long-term disability, the insurance company denied my claim for benefits. It was quite disheartening because going through the disability itself was very difficult for me to want to even think about how I go about appealing this denial. I just decided one day that I was going to get some information on the Internet and did some searches on disability. I didn’t even know what area of law this was related to even though I am a lawyer myself. Luckily I hit on some very good websites and one of them was ERISA Law Center‘s website, which has the section for Learning Center. So first thing I did, I just started reading and learned what type of law applies, how the treatment had been and it became very clear to me that this wasn’t the type of thing that I wanted to take on myself, even if I could. Even if I were in the best of health that it was clear to me that this is a very specialized area and that required professionals who had a lot of experience.

I read further on their website about the types of cases they had handled because I had some concern that my disability being an invisible disability, being a mental illness; it’d probably be even harder to litigate. I was pleasantly surprised to see that at least some aspects of the cases that they had tried included mental illness.

In comparison I also looked at other websites and I did not find anyone who gave objective, thorough information on the law and treatment of cases like me. But I decided I was going to interview various law firms and see how I am treated in person and make the final decision. Some law firms that I had contacted dropped off right away because they either did not get back to me, or got back to me way later or when they did get back to me I did not like the way I was treated. Suffering from mental illness maybe I was in need of some gentle treatment, gentle yet professional treatment and a lot of people did not give me that. Again, it came down to two law firms that I’ve come to understand are perhaps the two outstanding law firms in this area. ERISA Law Center is one of them and what I did was asked them to tell me how they were going to handle my case and basically after they took all the facts and laid out for me how they would go about defending my case and presenting it, it was clear to me that they were both very confident and would do an outstanding job. I did find ERISA Law Center‘s approach more thorough and well thought out. On top of it, the personal factor came in that was feeling connected to my lawyer that not only they were professionals, but that they also came across as very gentle, understanding human beings with a lot of integrity through the process, I felt that I was not only going to be in good hands professionally, but that the process could also have a healing effect because these people who had seen so many cases of disability totally understood the emotional situation that I was in and their acknowledgment of what I was going through was very therapeutic. So I decided ERISA Law Center and it was the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life.

I had a case that was perhaps not standard for disability cases. Suffering from mental illness, it is very difficult to prove it and what I had faced was the insurance company basically ignoring the opinion of my psychiatrist and my psychotherapist that had laid out in detail why they felt that I was disabled and sent me to their own psychiatrist who was totally disengaged right off the bat and it was clear that he had no interest in what I had to say, but rather finding anything that I could say that could be taken out of context and used against me. So not only was that very difficult emotionally for me, but also this was now an uphill battle for my attorney to be able to counter these statements of this insurance company psychiatrist who had taken my word and basically twisted it cleverly to support his allegations that I should go back to work.

What my attorney suggested was actually to go to a psychologist who was independent, who did not have direct relationship with my attorney and undergo two days of testing. I was of course worried at how difficult that was going to be but my attorney reassured me that all I needed to do was to be myself and answer the questions and allow the examination to proceed. So with that in mind, I did go to the psychologist that they had found and although it was a long process and because of my condition, it was not easy to do, yet it was clear that this psychologist was totally objective and that he was interested to know all the details about my functioning, mental and emotional and my history. So, I went through that and I’m very happy that we did this because some of the discovery that he had was also useful in my own treatment, aside from the insurance claim, aspects that he pointed out that needed to be further investigated by professionals, medical professionals.

I’m totally delighted with the outcome of my case. In fact, what was interesting was basically watching the process unfold, with reading the briefs that my attorney submitted, I felt that someone had heard me and that it was very empowering and therapeutic and then to watch the insurance company take several other attempts basically to disprove them or maybe haggle through the process and to watch my attorney basically win the case, it was perhaps the best I had felt in the last few years.

My attorney at all points of time kept in touch with me and kept me informed of what was happening and what I could expect to come next. I had continuous access to all of them, whether through the office phone and email or personal cellphone and this has been also quite reassuring because it is difficult to not know what is going on and to be informed of every step allowed me to manage my anxiety and also manage my expectations and plan how to give my financial aspects of life as to timing and other things. Having such open access to them and having and receiving emails and phone calls from them informing as to where we are in the process has been a wonderful way of helping me as a client who has actually had an illness.

Corporate Executive

5 Star Rating

“I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your long hours of hard work and doing such an outstanding brief that ultimately re-stored my LTD benefits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


5 Star Rating

“Over the last two years, you have been my angel. Thank you for all your guidance, support and patience.”


5 Star Rating

“Mr. Rosati’s amazing and thoughtful”

Thank you for your wonderful service to me and Mr. Rosati’s amazing and thoughtful, thorough input involving my long term injury disabilities. I cannot thank you enough for your professional analysis of such a complex matter. Even though, you’re not able to represent me, I’m left with other options you’ve given me a common ground on helping me move forward in what’s needed. Thanks again, for everything you represent as a great law firm.


5 Star Rating

“If there’s any hesitation or any consideration in determining which law firm would best represent you for your disability claim, in your ERISA claim, ERISA Law Center is number one.

The law firm I wanted to use to represent me with my disability claim was who I saw that had the most experience, number one in disability representation, but – more importantly – who I felt would be able to best represent me with an ERISA claim, because it is a specific law regarding disability. I basically researched via the Internet different attorneys, different law firms, for both disability but also more specifically for ERISA law. That was the most important because there’s so many out there that do just disability, but I wanted someone who knew more about ERISA law. Through my research, via the Internet and from researching online, it seemed like the best fit from rating past cases, or reading what it said about your law firm and comparing it to others. I had selected it down to two or three and through further research, I just felt like you were the best fit. I just felt like ERISA Law Center was the best fit.

I think it was the professionalism. I think it was through the conversations, the experience and the knowledge that they had regarding, not just disability, again more importantly ERISA Law. They gave me information and knowledge that I did not have, they told me things that I was completely unaware of.

I was very satisfied – more than satisfied by the way I was treated. I would say the only thing that came up would be, like any other person being represented by a law firm, it was actually me that was, this is hard to say if there was ever a problem, it was just me. You wanted it now, you wanted it faster, you wanted it done yesterday. And to be honest with you that is an impossibility when it comes to disability. But I have to say that even as long as the disability has drawn out, they even met the expectation quicker than what I expected. I guess what I’m trying to say is most of us who are in this situation want it done in a week, want it done in a month, and if it’s up to disability, it won’t be done for 3,4,5 years, and I have to say ERISA Law Center turned it around in a period of time, as quick as it could possibly turnaround.

Because that was so important. I mean we demand it in a week, and to be honest with you, through further research, it usually takes years and we’re expecting a week’s turnaround, which is unfathomable, it’s not even possible. So the only problem that came up was, “I want it now!,” that’s us and that’s not on your end. The law firm turned it around quicker than we would have expected or that was feasible.

I was absolutely kept informed at all times during the process, from start to finish. At anytime, again the only time there would ever be a delay in the process or there would be a period of time where I wouldn’t hear is, on my part, an unfair expectation. So if a month or two would go by, that’s only because the disability process would take longer. But ERISA Law Center was far ahead and had met all the time periods above and beyond what should be expected of representation.

At all times, someone from ERISA Law Center explained what my risks would be throughout the disability process: from my risks that would involve going to court; from my risk that would involve filing a claim; from my risks that would be involved in a appeal; from the time period that would take. Every facet through the process: the risks, the advantages, the disadvantages, were completely explained to me. No one ever forced me to do anything – the decisions were completely left up to me. But what you would want was completely conveyed: here are advantages if you take these steps; here are disadvantages if you take this step; and it was always left up to me. There was never any kind of pressure. There may have been, you know, advice, if I wanted advice, there was always the best avenue we should go at this point. It was always clearly conveyed, but never forced, unless it was mandatory, and that is very important with representation.

As far as satisfaction with the result in the end with ERISA Law Center and with the result that they achieved for me, I would say that I was satisfied. Again my carrier is a very difficult carrier to go up against and not a lot win, and if you ever do win, you win a very nominal, nominal amount. So one, the fact that I would even get a return was a plus, and I feel that ERISA Law Center fought to get me the most that they can possibly get me.

I would just say if there’s any hesitation or any consideration in determining which law firm would best represent you for your disability claim, in your ERISA claim, ERISA Law Center is number one in my opinion. I feel that they’ll best represent you. I feel that they’ll fight fairly for you, and they’ll go above and beyond in all areas that you can expect.

Call Center Supervisor

5 Star Rating

“They were totally understanding: they explained to me the entire process; they told me what the risks were; they knew the law”

I had my wife do research online and she found several companies in the local area where we live and she did research, contacted and spoke to them and really was not satisfied with what they were telling her. So then she further went and found the ERISA Law Center online out in California and spoke to them, and after a while was comfortable for ERISA Law Center to represent us.

At the time, as we’re looking for a lawyer to represent me, I was unable to work anymore. I needed to have some legal representation to be sure that whatever disability I’m allowed or what I’m entitled to – especially that I’ve already have been on short-term illnesses and now this is like the doctor diagnoses as being a long-term situation – we needed to find a law group that had experience and knew how to, knew what were the rights and wrongs of putting in a disability claim and disability insurance that I might be entitled to.

The ERISA Law Center that happens to be located out in California is quite a distance from where I’m located. But like I had said, my wife had done a lot of research, and there had been companies that were out in New Jersey and the Manhattan area. We did not feel that the way they represented themselves – and my wife is extremely meticulous and she asks a tremendous amount of questions – unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do the kind of research because of my inability and my M.S. Ultimately, she found the ERISA Law Center in California. It was a little bit disconcerting that they were so far away, but after speaking to them and I myself being able to talk to the lawyer, started to feel more and more comfortable as the process began that this firm had my interest at heart and was going to do the right thing whatever, whatever the law allowed.

When I contacted ERISA Law Center it was to go ahead. I was denied at first and they were going to appeal the denial.

After I was denied by the insurance company, we hired ERISA Law Center, which was the reason we went to the lawyer for the appeal process because we decided that it would not be prudent for me to try to do the appeal on my own as I believe that there was only one opportunity to appeal and if I lost the appeal there would be no other opportunities. When we contacted ERISA Law Center they were totally understanding: they explained to me the entire process; they told me what the risks were; they knew the law because apparently the law is the same wherever you are, because it’s federal; and they took their time, because again it’s a lengthy process, it’s a scary process when you don’t know what’s going on, and it really was just a matter of being forthright and honest with the lawyer. And each step of the way, they explained it to me, and as thing progressed, they explained to me where things where were at. They made me feel very, very comfortable. And as more time went on the more comfortable I really felt, especially with not needing any additional stress, which the doctor had warned me over and over again to make sure I do not get stressed. They were extremely patient especially with all the questions that we were asking out of the fear that they were not just right around the corner.

One of the things that ERISA Law Center did was they actually sent me the document that showed the appeal. It gave me an opportunity for my wife and I to go through it, look it over to make sure everything was factual. Anything I did not understand, my lawyer, Thornton Davidson, really took the time to go through and explain to me what the appeal meant, and what was going on. We were very satisfied, because we knew this was the one chance we had and we felt comfortable.

And so the result of the appeal after it was filed was that the ruling was overturned to my favor and I was entitled to receive disability. I now believe about 2 1/2 to 3 years that I have been receiving disability benefits.

Computer Specialist 

5 Star Rating

“The results in this case speak for themselves. David beat Goliath again, and we beat Goliath at his own game.”

When deciding on a law firm to represent me on my disability claim, there were two criteria that I used in the determination process. One was competency and the other was trust.

When you look at the wide range of legal options out there. It was clear to me that I wanted a law firm that focused rather specifically, if not exclusively, on disability issues. I spoke with several legal firms and most of them covered divorces, real estate closings, wills, and by the way, disability claims. But most of them had no clue about the depth of ERISA statutes and what that would mean. So in speaking with ERISA Law Center, it was clear that their primary focus is on ERISA statutes at both a federal level and at a state level, and that they had been down this path a number of times before.

Trust is a little bit more difficult to quantify but it’s pretty clear to most of us when you trust somebody and when you don’t. And after speaking to several law firms, I had the highest level of confidence and comfort with ERISA Law Center.

The staff was very professional. It was clear that they understood the implications that I didn’t know what was happening and I could use all the help that I could get and all the information that would be available to me. They were quite responsive and the attorney was also responsive in getting back to me whenever I had any questions. This is a long and drawn-out process, and it was nice to know that I actually had some folks there that would reach out to me, and would tolerate – if you will – some of the silly questions that I might have had and my complete lack of understanding of the legal implications of this disability claim.

ERISA Law Center kept me informed of all the issues that were current and being responded to by the insurance company. But more importantly, the attorney actually had a keen sense of anticipation. I didn’t know how long this would take. I didn’t know how each of the different aspects and each of the different stages and milestones of this entire claim would play out. Clearly, the lawyer had been down this path before. Clearly they had gone through all these circumstances with the insurance companies knowing when there was going to be a request for additional time; knowing when there was going to be an appeal on some major or minor point. I found it comforting to know that the lawyer was able to predict, almost to the day and the week, when things would happen, what the responses would be from the insurance company, and how we would then respond in turn to those responses. It was fascinating for me to see this all play out, and it was comforting to know that the attorney knew exactly what was going to happen.

ERISA Law Center explained to me exactly what my options were: whether it was settling out of court; whether it was the insurance company forcing the issue and taking us all the way to where a suit had to be filed. It was interesting to note that these statistics that were put out there were made available so that I could make a better decision about which direction I wanted to go in. But all along, I was steadfast in wanting to get on to the disability claim that I was entitled to. So my goal, whether other options were available, was just that simple. And regardless of the statistics that say 70% might settle out of court, that’s not what I wanted and that’s not what ERISA Law Center implied I had to do, stated I had to do or even allowed that to determine how they approached the case. Statistics are nice, but ultimately it was my desire to get onto the disability claim that drove our approach to this entire issue.

The results in this case speak for themselves. David beat Goliath again, and we beat Goliath at his own game. And that to me was the most rewarding aspect of this, that we were able to take them on, that we were able to approach them with everything that we had at our disposal and that ERISA Law Center could bring to bear on this. And that when push came to shove, the insurance company basically had to pay up. There can’t be a better barometer for success. And I am completely satisfied with the results of this case.

Software VP