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Putting Long-Term Disability Benefits In The Hands Of California Teachers

Teaching is an incredibly difficult profession. Between struggling with stress and managing mental health issues, some teachers also have long-term disabilities that hinder their ability to work. If you filed a long-term disability claim through the California Teachers Association (CTA) but your claim was denied, it is time to turn to ERISA Law Center for help.

We are an Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) law firm that has served California for more than 35 years. Our long-term disability attorneys do not accept no for an answer – they will do everything they can do get you the benefits that you deserve.

What Teachers Should Know About Long-Term Disability Claims

You may have the grounds for a long-term disability claim if you cannot continuously perform the actions required for your teaching job. The Standard Insurance Company handles claims involving the CTA disability plans. Unfortunately, Standard is known for denying perfectly valid long-term disability claims for deserving policyholders. Even if you already qualified for disability benefits through the California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS), Standard might deny your claim.

Fortunately, our California ERISA lawyers have a long record of challenging Standard, filing successful claims or successfully appealing denied claims. They can help with claims involving:

It is rare for law firms to represent teachers with denied long-term disability claims, as most teachers’ long-term disability benefits policies have only two years. However, our long-term disability lawyers care deeply about helping with disability insurance for teachers – even if it means less money for us. Our team’s deep, personal commitment to teachers and other clients is what sets us apart from other California disability law firms.

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If you are a teacher who needs to get long-term disability benefits, then it is time to contact ERISA Law Center. As experienced ERISA lawyers, our team can help you. We offer confidential consultations. Please call our Fresno law office toll-free at 866-360-0983 or locally at 559-549-6490 or send us an email.