Do Not Let Your Insurance Threaten Your Claim

A stroke reduces or stops the blood supply to areas of your brain, causing the death of brain cells. This results in a victim of a stroke becoming disabled in varying degrees. Whether the stroke was a minor or major one, the consequences of it are devastating.

Even with such an apparent disability, stroke victims often find that earning disability benefits through their insurance isn’t as easy as they would expect. Because insurers want to earn as much as possible, they often deny or cancel disability claims for strokes if they believe they have the grounds to.

Our lawyers here at ERISA Law Center in Fresno, California, have spent over 35 years fighting insurance companies for our clients, and we know how to approach LTD denials. Our attorneys will always strive to get the best possible outcome for your unique situation, rather than treat you like just another disability claim.

Fight Back With Experience At Your Side

Suffering a stroke can leave you with many disabilities that make you unable to work, including:

  • Impaired motor skills
  • Speech disorders
  • Breathing issues
  • Vision problems

Therapy has shown to benefit victims of a stroke, but there is no assurance that a person can completely recover from a stroke. Therefore, it is so critical to have the benefits you deserve to help you after a stroke. We know how to deal with insurance adjusters, and are familiar with their tactics.

We can help you file a claim, or help with a claim you have already filed. With close supervision of the whole process, we anticipate when you can expect the need for an appeal.

You Can Make Your Appointment Now

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