Do Not Let Your Insurer Threaten You

A tick that is no larger than the head of a thumbtack has the power to permanently change your life. A single bite from a tick is all that it needs to give you Lyme disease.

If you have experienced this already, you might be struggling with this disease, in addition to struggling with your ERISA claim. It can be hard to have others recognize Lyme disease’s symptoms when they are hard to see, like flu-like symptoms, joint pain, heart problems, eye inflammation, considerable fatigue and even neurological problems.

If you or your doctor didn’t catch these symptoms early enough, they can run rampant and hinder your ability to work. If your insurer denied or ended your Lyme disease LTD claim, you don’t have to settle for their decision. Here at ERISA Law Center, our Fresno, California, lawyers solely focus on fighting for the disability claims of our clients.

Let The ERISA Law Center Fight For You

When people underestimate the severity of Lyme disease, it can leave you with a sense that you don’t have anyone you can turn to for help. There is much more to learn about Lyme disease, which makes it hard to prove the disease relates to the symptoms you have and their severity. With our help, you can rest easy, knowing that an experienced attorney is fighting for you and your health.

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We pride ourselves on connecting with our clients and making sure that you never feel left out of the process. We are available to you every hour of the day, to lead you through your disability claim. If you or a loved one is fighting for a Lyme disease disability claim anywhere in the nation, contact us today at 866-360-0983 for a free and confidential review of your case.