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A tick that is no larger than the head of a thumbtack has the power to permanently change your life. A single bite from a tick is all it takes to contract Lyme disease. If you have experienced this, you might be struggling with this disease while working through your ERISA claim. Because the symptoms of this illness are not always evident to others, it can be particularly frustrating for those affected by it.

If you or your doctor didn’t catch these symptoms early enough, they can run rampant and hinder your ability to work. If your insurer denied or ended your Lyme disease LTD claim, you don’t have to settle for their decision. From our offices in Fresno, our team of California lawyers at ERISA Law Center solely focuses on fighting for our clients’ disability claims. We understand the unique challenges you face when you have contracted Lyme disease, and we are prepared to protect your rights.

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When people underestimate the severity of Lyme disease, it can leave you with a sense that you don’t have anyone you can turn to for help. There is much more to learn about Lyme disease, which makes it hard to prove the disease relates to the symptoms you have and their severity. With our help, you can rest easy, knowing that an experienced attorney is fighting for you and your health.

We pride ourselves on connecting with our clients and making sure that you never feel left out of the process. We are available to speak with you every hour of every day as we lead you through your disability claim. If you or a loved one is fighting for a Lyme disease disability claim anywhere in the nation, our experienced attorneys will provide you with the individualized attention you deserve as we stand beside you through the process of protecting your disability rights.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that is common throughout North America and Europe. Many individuals contract Lyme disease while spending time in heavily wooded or grassy areas. Those treated with antibiotics early have a good chance of recovery; however, those who are not treated promptly may develop symptoms that last for a long time. These symptoms may inhibit an employee’s ability to work.

Lyme disease manifests in a variety of ways. The disease can affect the nervous system, skin and joints. One of the key identifiers of Lyme disease is called erythema migrans. Erythema migrans is the name for a bulls-eye rash that occurs around the site of the initial tick bite. This rash indicates the multiplication of bacteria in the blood.

Other symptoms of Lyme disease include the following:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Migratory joint pain (especially in the knees)
  • Neurological problems
  • Heart problems
  • Eye inflammation
  • Severe fatigue

Treatments generally include antibiotics; however, many patients still experience the aches and pains associated with Lyme disease after undergoing antibiotic treatment.

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If your Lyme disease disability benefits have been denied or terminated, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a skilled attorney in fighting for your rights. At ERISA Law Center, we are backed by a team of legal professionals and a practiced ERISA lawyer with over three decades of experience in handling similar cases.

Many with Lyme disease feel as though they have nowhere to turn. Because so little is definitively known about Lyme disease, proving the symptoms and severity of the condition can be difficult. With the help of our skilled ERISA attorney, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rights are being fought for. Call 866-360-0983, 559-549-6490 or complete our online form to schedule a case review.