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“Barnett V. Southern California Edison Company Long-Term Disability Plan”

Barnett v. Southern California Edison Company Long Term Disability Plan”

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Mr. Barnett’s long-term disability benefits from Southern California Edison were terminated in 2009. He appealed the termination. In 2010 his appeal was denied. Mr. Barnett then hired us and we filed suit on his behalf. In 2013, the judge ruled against Mr. Barnett. We appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In 2015, the Court of Appeals reversed the district court decision but did not award benefits. Instead, it remanded the case back to the same district court judge to reconsider Mr. Barnett’s claim based upon a very narrow issue. This time, in 2016, the same judge granted Mr. Barnett all of his benefits and awarded us attorneys’ fees.

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