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ERISA Appeals Nationwide

Because ERISA is a federal law, we believe that your ERISA appeals lawyer should be familiar with its nationwide impacts, and how to handle your specific case in your specific region. The two mistakes people make when if comes to ERISA appeals are:

The Insurance Company's Review Doctors

You submitted a claim for benefits, or have been receiving disability benefits for a couple of years, and then the insurance company or the plan writes you and tells you, in effect, "our doctors say you are no longer disabled." Sometimes it is relying upon a doctor who actually examined you in what they call "an independent medical examination." But usually they only have a report from a nurse or doctor who merely read your records. Who are these doctors who don't know you and how do you fight back against their unfair reports?

What a Long Term Disability Lawyer Can Do For You

The ERISA Law Center has a team of attorney's across the nation here for you. We want to provide you with qualified answers, for all of your short term & long term disability benefits. Our team confidently works for you, because we are familiar with several circuit court laws and requirements to give you the best advice in your appeal. We want to help you so you don't make critical errors in your appeal.

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