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From Migraines to Macular Degeneration

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2014 | Firm News

For anyone who experiences migraines, saying that they have no effect on your ability to work is a wild misrepresentation of the condition and the effects it has, not only in the work environment, but also in life.

If the pain wasn’t enough, migraines are also generally accompanied by nausea, tunnel vision, blind spots, sensitivity to light and sound, and can even come with hallucinations and several other symptoms. Although knowing these symptoms and experiencing this condition are completely different, it is plain to see that migraines affect your ability to work productively or even at all. This usually means that patients suffering from frequent migraines often miss one to two days of work a month. The company may cover a certain number of these sick days, but eventually they are unpaid days off which not only affects your income but may even threaten your job.

If you suffer from frequent migraines and your insurance has unlawfully denied you benefits that would cover treatments or preventative medications, then The ERISA Law Center can help. We are the short term disability lawyers that have your back so you can get on your feet and get back to work.

While migraines can temporarily affect your vision, macular degeneration has permanent repercussions, both on your sight and your life. Caused by retina deterioration, there is nothing that modern medicine can do to restore sight once lost. As you age, your retina will simply deteriorate further, making you legally blind and unable to work and changing your life forever. When this condition strikes, The ERISA Law Center will be there for you to get the benefits you need. Don’t let insurance companies tell you how much you deserve, let the expert long term disability lawyers help you get what you really deserve.

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