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What a Long Term Disability Lawyer Can Do For You

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2014 | Firm News

The ERISA Law Center has a team of attorney’s across the nation here for you. We want to provide you with qualified answers, for all of your short term & long term disability benefits. Our team confidently works for you, because we are familiar with several circuit court laws and requirements to give you the best advice in your appeal. We want to help you so you don’t make critical errors in your appeal.

The appeals process is the last and final opportunity for you to make your administrative case as clear as possible. Once you have completed your records for the appeal they are submitted as evidence and there is no going back! That means that if you ever decide to file an additional suit against your plan, these records will be used as reference in your case. If you submit incorrect evidence or not enough then you could lose your case entirely. You should be consulting an ERISA attorney during this process to validate your information. Working with ERISA benefit denials can be difficult and they are very involved in direct policy guidelines. These guidelines are the difference between receiving and getting your claim terminated.

We are here to help in litigating your claims process. Our ERISA attorneys are seasoned and skilled to assist you with your benefit claims. We offer nationwide representation and for a consultation to get you started. Contact our office today to start moving forward!