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Rejection of long-term disability benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Long Term Disability Claim Denial

Employers usually offer long-term disability insurance to their employees. This type of insurance helps employees if they suffer an injury or develop a condition that keeps them from returning to work.

If an insurance company approves an employee’s claim, they usually receive a percentage of their salary for a certain number of years or until they return to work.

Sometimes the insurance company rejects an employee’s claim, which can create confusion and concern and disappoint the employee. Insurance companies reject these benefits due to:

  • They do not cover that medical condition
  • That medical condition is not a disability
  • The employee did not provide adequate information
  • The content of the claim was inconsistent
  • The employee’s doctor made conflicting claims

During an insurance company’s review of each claim, they ask for information about the employee’s medical condition, medical history, and specifics about the employee’s diagnosis and prognosis.

Insurance companies are also interested in hearing from an employee’s doctor because they are usually closest to the employee and have the most information about them and their condition. The insurance company will deny the claim if the employee’s doctor believes the employee can work.

Disabilities that change an employee’s life are a real and challenging matter for both the employee and the employer. It is a serious matter for the insurance company, and they will want to know as much as possible about the situation to make an informed decision regarding an employee’s claim.