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LTD coverage: a workplace benefit of key importance

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Long Term Disability Claim Denial

You have likely noticed, if you watch television. the current non-stop streaming of commercials focused on year-end insurance benefits.

Millions of Americans pay attention to those ads, especially if they relate to coverage of various matters not tied to employer-sponsored benefits. There are numerous purchase options out there, and getting it wrong can create a financial hardship.

Conversely, high numbers of individuals and families who have access to workplace benefits/coverage just count their blessings. One media publication spotlighting company-linked perks notes that many employers “have a dizzying array of options” available for worker selection. Workers across the country are thankful for that, as well as for the comparatively inexpensive premium rates.

The above article asks this pointed question concerning benefit options: “Which ones are the most important?”

An option that solidly qualifies for inclusion on any list: long-term disability coverage. Reportedly, an individual has a three times greater risk of suffering from a disability prior to retiring than dying before that time. Notwithstanding that staggering fact though, the aforementioned media report states that “disability coverage gets scant notice.”

People who do notice and can secure sponsored ERISA LTD coverage avail themselves of its protections.

We additionally note at the established national disability legal offices of the ERISA Law Center that insurers providing such coverage do not always perform their duties to covered workers promptly as specified in ERISA regulations. It is common for LTD claims and appeals to be denied for any number of reasons, ranging from disputes over symptoms and diagnoses to the source of a disability or its duration over an extended time.

Claimants who experience denial or termination of an ERISA LTD claim, can secure a seasoned advocate by reaching out to an experienced and empathetic team of ERISA disability attorneys.