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Current health pandemic puts a spotlight on LTD policies, protections

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Long Term Disability Claim Denial

“For those that get very sick,” stresses an in-depth article on Covid-19 and its often disabling (when not deadly) impact on victims, “two weeks of paid sick leave is not enough.”

In fact, underscores the national publication Business Journals, that amount of compensated time off is woefully short and even flatly inadequate for legions of sufferers.

Many workers across the country believe that they have a reasonable umbrella of safety against serious health challenges via disability insurance offered through their employer.

That is often true.

But it is also in many instances a misplaced assumption. Some employees have only minimal protection afforded by a short sick leave period. And others who have short-term disability coverage through a company-sponsored policy lack long-term disability protection that works seamlessly in tandem with that.

Candidly, too, employees with LTD coverage sometimes have a false sense of security regarding what they believe will always be quick and complete acceptance by an employer and insurer of a long-term disability claim.

The real world sometimes tells a different story. LTD insurance benefits are sometimes wrongly denied or terminated, which can prove devastating to a claimant. How Covid-19 diagnoses and medical records/reports that underscore long-term disabling effects and support continued benefits will fare for many claimants in the future is uncertain.

We duly note at the national pro-claimant ERISA Law Center that LTD insurance delays, denials and termination “are common occurrences.”

A proven and aggressive disability law legal team can help a challenged claimant fight back in the effort to secure all the benefits that he or she is entitled to receive.