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Frightening family prospect: denied life insurance claim

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Life Insurance Denial

An insurer’s denial or unreasonably delayed performance concerning any policyholder’s claim presented in good faith is disturbing. That is true even when a claimant is immediately on hand to proactively and vigorously protest contractual maltreatment.

What if a policyholder has passed away, though? How flatly harrowing is it for that person’s loved ones to confront blowback and a refusal to perform from an entity that has touted performance over the years and systematically cashed incoming policy checks?

Indeed, there is something truly horrific linked with an insurer’s hard-ball tactics concerning life insurance obligations legally assumed in the wake of a policyholder’s death.

We underscore that scenario – which is sadly far from being a rarity – on our website at the long-tenured California ERISA Law Center in Fresno. Our aggressive and results-oriented disability law firm has been forging optimal client outcomes for decades for individuals and families in California and across the country. We note the often “massive shock” experienced by people who come to us for help following an insurer’s denial of survivorship benefits tied to a life insurance policy.

It is key for those individuals to note that, while they may feel vulnerable under such circumstances, they are far from powerless. They acted properly concerning their policy obligations, and their insurer has a reciprocal duty to act similarly.

A proven pro-policyholders’ legal team can ensure that it does. We stress that insurers can of course “come up with plenty of reasons to deny your claim, but our knowledgeable lawyers can help you pick their reasoning apart.”

A named insured under a life insurance policy has a single goal, namely, to provide loved ones with future financial security. A legal team with a demonstrated history of strong advocacy on behalf of policyholders and their families can help ensure the realization of that vitally important aim.