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The Process of Discovery in ERISA Claims

On Behalf of | May 3, 2016 | Firm News

Going through discovery in a disability claim can give you a big advantage. It is your chance to bring out evidence in your favor which show why your claim should not be denied. Insurance companies know how detrimental this can be towards their case so it’s important to work with an ERISA lawyer that knows how to defend you and work toward getting the insurance company to settle with you. Discovery makes a big difference in what the insurance will end up paying on a claim or whether to fight a claim in litigation.

Other information your lawyer needs to go over is how well your doctor explains your disability. Did he just his opinion and not back it up with facts? Did he end his statement with a convincing conclusion? A knowledgeable lawyer and his team will know if the doctor’s evidence is convincing and credible and if the facts and analysis the doctor give are precise and accurate? Since the ERISA Law Center has practices nationwide they know which doctors are for hire that time and time again are used by insurance companies trying to sway the court in their favor. There could be information the insurance company is hiding that comes out in discovery. So many things to think about! Call the Erisa Law Center and let them be your advocate.