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Help With Complying While on Disability

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2016 | Firm News

Many clients of ERISA attorneys make the mistake of believing that, just because they are now receiving long-term disability benefits, they no longer require the services of an lawyer. Unfortunately, because insurance adjustors are on the constant lookout to end or limit your benefits, the need for a ERISA monitoring will exist as long as benefits are needed. By always acting as your advocate before, during and after your disability claim or ERISA appeal, we help reduce the frustration and confusion that comes with the disability insurance territory.

Yes, you’re receiving a regular monthly disability check but that hardly means that the work is done. Your insurance company will be looking for the opportunity to stop the flow of benefits whenever you fall out of compliance. By offering our continued help through claim monitoring, we can help ensure that your claim is not vulnerable to the loopholes and strategies that insurance companies put into place that effectively end your benefits legally. Our long-term disability lawyers work with you to help you understand how to stay compliant and why its important to do so. By looking out for those areas where they can legally stop benefits, regardless of what your policy states, we can help extend the life of your claim for years; making sure that you are truly covered while disabled and unable to work.

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