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Questions Regarding Disability Insurance Claims

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Firm News

It isn’t unusual for our clients to have a variety of questions when filing an ERISA appeal. The world of disability insurance is deliberately set up to be confusing and complicated. The more the insurance companies can dissuade you from filing, or keep you from doing it correctly, the more they win. Because many mitigating factors exist, creating an intricate road map that makes navigating disability insurance claims difficult, knowing these factors and how they affect your claim and benefits helps to alleviate frustration and reduce mistakes when filing. The variables that affect your disability claim, and its possible denial include:

  • The unpredictability of the disability. This simply means that the disability is not a result of a previously-known chronic illness.
  • Whether the disability was incurred while performing job-related tasks.
  • What other insurance companies pay for the same type of claim.
  • The totality at which the claimant is disabled; completely or partially.

These factors, by themselves and in conjunction with each other, help to determine just how long the waiting period will be before payments start; how much each payment will be and how long payments will continue. Understanding just what your insurance policy covers is absolutely imperative to recovering all benefits due within that policy. For example, because most disabilities are temporary, most long-term benefits don’t begin until after a certain waiting period. Making sure that you are covered by short-term benefits also can be helpful during the period where disability is being determined by either your doctor or your insurance company.

If you believe that you’ve been denied your rightful long-term disability benefits, it is highly important that you obtain legal representation. The ERISA Law Center represents claimants in all stages of their group disability or life insurance claim. From claims monitoring to appealing to buy-outs, ERISA Law Center guides you through the legally challenging world of group benefits and ERISA appeals. ERISA Law Center is also prepared to defend your win in appellate courts or, if appropriate, to try to overturn your loss to help you recover benefits. Call us for a confidential appointment at 866-360-0983.