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Liberty Mutual Cheats Disability Claimants

Fresno, California - August, 2015 - ERISA Law Group, LLP, a California-based law firm representing disability claimants throughout the United States, has uncovered a scheme by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company to cheat claimants of their disability benefits, potentially affecting thousands of disabled employees nationwide.In a case venued in Northern California District Court, ERISA Law Group's lawyers, Robert Rosati and Thornton Davidson, have sued Liberty and the University of California for denying their client disability benefits on fraudulent and unfair grounds by:

Tactics Employed by Disability Insurance Companies

It shouldn't come as a surprise that long-term disability claims cost insurance companies a great deal of money. It's why they work so hard to find reasons to deny those claims. Though you see them as benefits that are rightfully yours, those that you contracted for and paid into, insurance companies see the payouts as hits to their bottom line. And they will do whatever is necessary to protect that bottom line. After a person files a long-term disability claim with their insurance company, they use whatever means possible to delay or deny that claim. Facing no penalties for doing so, the winner will always be the insurance company, at least in the short term. But it is usually during this initial time where the claimant is hit hardest with medical bills and lost wages. Many rightful claimants have faced bankruptcy, the loss of their home and any savings that they may have had. Understanding the tactics employed by disability insurance companies is imperative to avoiding the pitfalls that the insurance company creates in order to protect their profit margins. Be aware that insurance companies will employ the following in order to deny your claim:

Questions Regarding Disability Insurance Claims

It isn't unusual for our clients to have a variety of questions when filing an ERISA appeal. The world of disability insurance is deliberately set up to be confusing and complicated. The more the insurance companies can dissuade you from filing, or keep you from doing it correctly, the more they win. Because many mitigating factors exist, creating an intricate road map that makes navigating disability insurance claims difficult, knowing these factors and how they affect your claim and benefits helps to alleviate frustration and reduce mistakes when filing. The variables that affect your disability claim, and its possible denial include:

Seeing Your Doctor

QUESTION: I'm currently receiving disability benefits. How often do I need to see my doctor?

We hear this question quite often from our clientele. With your medical background serving as your base of proof of your ongoing disability, obviously routine visits to your treating physician is extremely important to your receiving continued benefits. The degree to which you are disabled, and the type of disability you suffer from, help determine how often you need to see your doctor. Not doing so can, and will, result in the termination of your payments, as your insurance company will take it as a sign that your health, and therefore, your ability to return to work has been restored.

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