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The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney Who Specializes in ERISA

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2014 | Firm News

An Erisa attorney can help you with long term disability insurance claims by evaluating your insurance claim and then explain what laws affect your case and talk with you about what options you have. If it is decided to move forward then they will help fill out any insurance company forms, review your medical forms and decide if there are any more testing needed to prove your case. That way they can add those medical records to your file. They will possibly need to get the opinion of qualified Vocational Experts about driving back a denial of an insurance company (Residual Functional Capacity) is the most vital part to your disability claim. It is important to file your administrative disability appeal quickly.

Obtaining evidence to back up what the most you can still do despite your limitations, as there are time restrictions to follow by the courts. There is need to calculate your benefits correctly and file a legal brief that argues the legal, medical and what vocational issues involved with your case. There may be a need to file a lawsuit in Federal Court. If this happens your lawyer will conduct discovery including filing interrogatories and requests for production and taking any necessary depositions. If there are any Motions filed for Summary Judgment, those will need to be addressed by your lawyer also. Contact the ERISA Law Center today at 559-549-6490 or toll free at (866) 360-0983. They will be your advocate.