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ERISA Law Center Answers the Questions You Have About Long Term Disability

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2014 | Firm News

Do you know where to turn if you are hurt and disabled causing you to be unable to work? There are differences in handling your claim depending on whether your employer provides long term disability insurance or if you have your own LTD insurance. Both of these policies are hard to understand.

You will be asking yourself all kinds of important questions you may not know the answer for such as, what is covered under my policy, when and how do I make my claim, does my disability qualify me for coverage, what do I do if my claim is denied. This is where the ERISA Law Center can help.

Our attorneys will sit down with you and answer each of these questions for you and help you obtain the coverage you need. We have offices all over the nation and have litigated in every federal circuit in the United States. We have knowledge of how ERISA law is different in different states and how the law of those jurisdictions can inform and help with litigation in other areas of the country. Please contact us at 866-360-0983. We offer a initial consultation.