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Why you need a Long Term Disability Attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2014 | Firm News

There have always been instances of an insurance company denying your claim for insurance benefits. When your insurance company denies your short or long-term disability claim that can be frustrating. Often time making you want to propose a lawsuit against an insurance company to get the coverage for what you justifiably feel wronged for. Some insurance companies will even propose a suit against you (claimant). You will want to get legal consultation from an attorney in a matter like this to litigate the process to make sure you are not wrongfully being charged or initiated to repay your overpayment in a case.

Most people don’t know that before you can sue an insurance company you must first go through and appeals process for the case to be under ERISA Law. It’s never to soon to get a long or short-term disability attorney on your side. You need to have some that can explain the policy so that you can understand and protect yourself from unethical claims practices. Disability adjusters are constantly on the lookout for ways to limit or terminate your benefits. You expect to be paid your benefits, but your adjuster has other plans in mind. They are looking out for stock prices and company exposure to try to achieve bonuses.

Don’t let them take advantage of you. Get the help that you need on keeping your policy right in order. We want to help you with litigation and settling your disability claims. We can carefully monitor your claim for you. Contact us today for nationwide assistance!