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ERISA Benefit Denials Should Be Met With Attorneys Who Know How to Fight For You

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2014 | Firm News

Filing a disability claim is indeed a long and frustrating process. There are many people who suffer through this process with little if no income and struggle just to eat and make rent. You will be best suited to be properly prepared and go through the process as carefully as possible. Prevent frustration and stress by avoiding some common mistakes that could result in a rejected claim.

You will generally file a disability claim if you suffered an injury or condition the has left you unable to work. It is important to realize it is not the intent of the insurance company to not pay claims when they are filed, but they certainly make sure to cover every possible detail before they start making payments. If your disability claim is denied, some reasons for rejection may make sense while others may confuse you.

There are common reasons why your disability claim may be rejected. This includes the insurance company doctor disagreeing with your health claims, not submitting the proper forms or submitting information that is fraudulent in nature. You will also be denied if you do not adhere to your doctor’s treatment or if you happen to get caught participating in an activity you should not be able to do. It may become apparent at some point that you are unable to work because of drug or alcohol abuse, these claims will be denied or taken away if that is the case.

Problems exist when these assessments go too far and you are denied for bad reasons. ERISA benefit denials should be met with attorneys who know how to fight for you. Schedule your consultation today.