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3 reasons an insurer may deny your LTD claim

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Long Term Disability Claim Denial

If you put in a claim for long-term disability (LTD), it can be devastating to see it denied. Even though you may be able to appeal and eventually get the benefits you need, the wait could put you in a very difficult financial situation. On top of that, the stress and uncertainty could further harm your health and well-being.

Understanding some of the most common reasons for LTD claim denial before you file your claim can reduce the chance that an insurer will reject it.

Not demonstrating that your condition qualifies

How “disabled’ do you need to be to qualify for payments? It is one of those areas that can cause fierce debate between insurers and the insured. If you feel your case may be borderline, it is even more crucial to get legal help to document it and the limits it places upon you clearly.

Failing to provide enough evidence

Maybe you sent reams of paperwork off to support your claim. That does not mean it is the correct paperwork in the eyes of the insurer. They will want to see specific kinds of proof, and understanding what those are and where to get access to them is essential.

Missing deadlines

There are deadlines that must be respected with regard to an initial claim and an appeal. Be sure you meet them to avoid nullifying your chances of success.

Too many people who should get long-term disability benefits either never get them or experience significant delays in doing so. Seeking legal help from the outset can vastly increase the chance that you’ll get any benefits you are entitled to after submitting your first application.