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Benefits of symptom documentation for your long term disability claim

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Long Term Disability Claim Denial

The long term disability claim process can be long and complicated, especially with a medical condition that builds over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. There will likely be questions from the insurer about when symptoms started and how severe they are.

Your medical records relating to the condition causing your disability, including treating physicians’ statements, are crucial in your claim documentation. The more in-depth and organized the documentation supporting your long term disability claim is, the better.

Organized information

When the visits with your physician(s) become more frequent and for the same and worsening issues, keeping a journal is one way to organize your symptom documentation and notes regarding your functionality, treatments and doctor visits.  When your notes are in chronological order, it makes them easy to review during your next medical appointment. When you journal how you are feeling and what you can and cannot do, and the progression of symptoms, if applicable, this information will likely make the time with your doctors more focused and productive; and, ultimately, provide the long term disability insurer a detailed progression of your disabling condition(s).

More data for your doctor

The more information your physician(s) have about your symptoms and your body’s reaction to treatments, the better they can be at managing your condition. For example, medical professionals and an online community of people living with arthritis developed a smartphone app to track patient symptoms and treatments. Called ArthritisPower, the app is more than just a comprehensive way to track arthritis symptoms. Information from the app can be sent to a physician and help wide-range studies of various arthritis disabilities.

Suffering from a disabling condition that leads to disability is hard on you and your family. Consistently tracking your symptoms and treatment can be a significant factor in having your long term disability claim accepted on application.