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Regional Facilities Manager Triumphs Over Aetna

| Aug 13, 2015 | Firm News


Following the birth of her child in 2006, Victoria Wong began to experience back, leg and groin issues that would often cause her to double-over in pain. Unable to return to her full-time position as a regional facility manager as she was unable to effectively perform her duties as such, her disability benefits provider, Aetna Life Insurance was found to have acted unreasonably after denying Wong her benefits for permanent disability. ERISA Law Center was able to prove to the court that Aetna’s denial was inappropriate and unfounded as Wong’s treating physician had indicated to the insurance company that she “had no capacity to work, not even for one hour”. Fighting for Wong, ERISA Law Center was able to obtain retroactive disability payments that she was due and was able to gain a denial in Wong’s favor when Aetna moved to attach her Social Security Benefits.