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PTSD and the Fight for Recovery

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2014 | Firm News

Attacking its victims with stress, anxiety and panic while exposing them to the traumatic event replaying over and over in their heads, PTSD can forever alter how you live your life. Although there are fantastic treatments available, they can be costly without insurance benefits. That’s where we come in. While you are fighting for recovery, we are by your side, fighting for the benefits you have been denied, and that’s what makes us the long term disability attorneys you will want in your corner.

We understand that PTSD is a condition that we can try our best to describe, but no words can truly represent what it can do to you. Earlier this week, The New York Times published an article talking about a Gaza psychologist. Specializing in helping patients recover from post-traumatic stress disorder, he was confronted with his own trauma when an airstrike struck his family home, killing six of his close relatives. In the article, he admitted how different it is when you are confronted with the same condition that you are so used to treating. Although he was able to recognize every symptom he had, it seems that he is powerless to stop it.

We are evermore increasing our realm of knowledge, but, like this Gaza psychologist, we too understand how vast a chasm lies between knowing and experiencing. This is why we try to do everything in our power to grant you the ability to receive the help you need. We may not fully understand how you feel, but there is one thing we know to perfection: ERISA law, and through that knowledge, we can get you where you need to go.