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The "Common Fund" Doctrine

In 2013 the United States Supreme Court addressed the question of the application of equitable principles, especially the common fund doctrine, to an ERISA benefit plans demand for reimbursement of benefits previously paid.

Cancer and ERISA: Long Term Disability Lawyers Can Help

Millions live with it everyday, and millions more will be diagnosed in years to come, and that is just in the United States. Cancer is a world-wide epidemic with no real cure, and it rears its ugly head into so many lives that are forever changed by its consequences. Not only is it a devastating disease, but the costs can be overwhelming.

ERISA Lawyers: Fighting for You in the Courtroom

Although we try to work with you, your employer, and your insurance company to get you what you need without the expenses of a courtroom, some cases require a more proactive approach. This is why we have the largest network of ERISA lawyers who are seasoned in ERISA law and litigation so you can walk into a courtroom confident that you have the best on your side.

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