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There are several different reasons you will want to work with an ERISA Attorney that not only serves your local area, but one that also can help you nationwide!

Know your local laws and benefits is good to have, but it’s always better to have a wealth of knowledge in several other areas nationwide to be able to have the most information possible. Different Circuits will have several different options when it comes to working under the guidelines of the DOL (Department of Labor) and making sure that you know where you will use it. So many times have we sat around thinking that we can do it ourselves. This is true if you happen to specialize in being educated and qualified to perform ERISA claims and rights.

What is ERISA and how does it affect you? ERISA also known as Employee Retirement Income Security Act was originally designed to help protect your pension plans originally. Seldom clients know that there are several other employee benefits have been also incorporated into its provisions. The bad part of it allows insurance companies for below the group long term disability policies to deny your claim forcing you to sue them to get what was promised to you in the beginning.

That’s why you need someone who knows ERISA inside and out! We have a team of specialists here to serve you for all your ERISA Attorney, ERISA Appeals, ERISA Disability Claim and Litigating for your ERISA Claim. We are here for you, Nationwide!