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Back Problems? It May Be More Than You Think

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2014 | Firm News

The pain may be so constant that you have learned how to forget about it. Until you drop something on the floor. All of a sudden, bending over becomes a painful and frustrating ordeal. You felt this pain a while ago, but you have disregarded it until it dulled into a chronic ache. All of these may be a sign of disc problems.

Invertebrate discs (commonly known as spinal discs) work much like the cartilage in your joints. They allow for flexibility in the back while holding the spine together and preventing the vertebrae from rubbing together. However, at times these discs can either wear out or bulge and burst, creating extreme pain in the spine, lasting about 4-6 days. Called a herniated disc, this problem can result in back pain for the rest of your life, and may limit your ability to work or do simple tasks which involve bending.

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