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I selected ERISA Law Center to represent me in my long-term disability appeal because they seemed the most knowledgeable. I talked to roughly 10-12 attorneys, some local, some national. ERISA Law Center had the most knowledge. They were the most personal in my case; didn’t treat me like a number. I felt very comfortable.

During my appeal, dealing with ERISA Law Center was very helpful for me because I was kept informed through the, probably 6-9 months that it took to win the appeal. I was never left in the dark. The knowledge was top notch with ERISA. The receptiveness to my questions, I was always treated fairly. I was always responded to very quickly – usually a 3-4 hour turnaround – and I was treated like a human being, not a number. My case was very personalized to me.

During the course of my appeal, we would turn corners and pass milestones, I was always kept informed of all the ramifications of decisions, not only the team was making on my behalf, but also the decisions that I was trying to make on my own behalf. I was always well-informed of the possible avenues that would develop based on decisions, and where I would ultimately end up. The risks were presented and there were a lot of hard decisions to make and the thing I appreciated the most, I’m dealing with a team that has decades of experience with this. And I always felt better after talking to them no matter what risks were involved.

I wasn’t surprised because I always had faith that you guys knew what you were talking about. The thing I was surprised about was the industry trend that was happening, when I first contacted you, which was when insurance carriers were settling or trying to do buyouts rather than overturn terminations. So I was surprised I won the appeal. I basically thought I was gonna get a buyout.

Well, the process to me is not over. I was put back on claim after ERISA Law Center successfully overturned my termination case. It’s ongoing, so at this point, I’m back on claim. Every month I get a disability check from my insurance carrier – thanks to ERISA Law Center – and, I ask questions every 3-4 weeks. I ask the paralegals questions, I ask the attorney questions, and it’s the same relationship I’ve always had since I started with ERISA Law Center. And that is, I have a question, I write an email, I pick up the phone and call, and I am responded to very efficiently and effectively. I’m always put at ease. It’s not easy, it’s a hard process and I could be cut off again at any time and I know I’m able to call ERISA Law Center and pick up the process no matter what obstacles pop up in front of me.

If I was presented – now that I’m back on claim because ERISA Law Center successfully won my appeal – if there was an option for a buyout, if the insurance carrier decided that they would rather not deal with my claim and wanted to negotiate a buyout I would turn to ERISA Law Center.