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Call Center Supervisor

My Story

The law firm I wanted to use to represent me with my disability claim was who I saw that had the most experience, number one in disability representation, but – more importantly – who I felt would be able to best represent me with an ERISA claim, because it is a specific law regarding disability. I basically researched via the Internet different attorneys, different law firms, for both disability but also more specifically for ERISA law. That was the most important because there’s so many out there that do just disability, but I wanted someone who knew more about ERISA law. Through my research, via the Internet and from researching online, it seemed like the best fit from rating past cases, or reading what it said about your law firm and comparing it to others. I had selected it down to two or three and through further research, I just felt like you were the best fit. I just felt like ERISA Law Center was the best fit.

I think it was the professionalism. I think it was through the conversations, the experience and the knowledge that they had regarding, not just disability, again more importantly ERISA Law. They gave me information and knowledge that I did not have, they told me things that I was completely unaware of.

I was very satisfied – more than satisfied by the way I was treated. I would say the only thing that came up would be, like any other person being represented by a law firm, it was actually me that was, this is hard to say if there was ever a problem, it was just me. You wanted it now, you wanted it faster, you wanted it done yesterday. And to be honest with you that is an impossibility when it comes to disability. But I have to say that even as long as the disability has drawn out, they even met the expectation quicker than what I expected. I guess what I’m trying to say is most of us who are in this situation want it done in a week, want it done in a month, and if it’s up to disability, it won’t be done for 3,4,5 years, and I have to say ERISA Law Center turned it around in a period of time, as quick as it could possibly turnaround.

Because that was so important. I mean we demand it in a week, and to be honest with you, through further research, it usually takes years and we’re expecting a week’s turnaround, which is unfathomable, it’s not even possible. So the only problem that came up was, “I want it now!,” that’s us and that’s not on your end. The law firm turned it around quicker than we would have expected or that was feasible.

I was absolutely kept informed at all times during the process, from start to finish. At anytime, again the only time there would ever be a delay in the process or there would be a period of time where I wouldn’t hear is, on my part, an unfair expectation. So if a month or two would go by, that’s only because the disability process would take longer. But ERISA Law Center was far ahead and had met all the time periods above and beyond what should be expected of representation.

At all times, someone from ERISA Law Center explained what my risks would be throughout the disability process: from my risks that would involve going to court; from my risk that would involve filing a claim; from my risks that would be involved in a appeal; from the time period that would take. Every facet through the process: the risks, the advantages, the disadvantages, were completely explained to me. No one ever forced me to do anything – the decisions were completely left up to me. But what you would want was completely conveyed: here are advantages if you take these steps; here are disadvantages if you take this step; and it was always left up to me. There was never any kind of pressure. There may have been, you know, advice, if I wanted advice, there was always the best avenue we should go at this point. It was always clearly conveyed, but never forced, unless it was mandatory, and that is very important with representation.

As far as satisfaction with the result in the end with ERISA Law Center and with the result that they achieved for me, I would say that I was satisfied. Again my carrier is a very difficult carrier to go up against and not a lot win, and if you ever do win, you win a very nominal, nominal amount. So one, the fact that I would even get a return was a plus, and I feel that ERISA Law Center fought to get me the most that they can possibly get me.

I would just say if there’s any hesitation or any consideration in determining which law firm would best represent you for your disability claim, in your ERISA claim, ERISA Law Center is number one in my opinion. I feel that they’ll best represent you. I feel that they’ll fight fairly for you, and they’ll go above and beyond in all areas that you can expect.