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Several years ago, Sun Life's previous in-house employee training became widely publicized. Employees were trained to deny claims and encouraged to terminate claims when new claim submissions increased. Claims examiners were asked to “kick it up a notch” to terminate more claims for benefits.

Questionable Training & Goals

At one point, Sun Life had a lottery for its claims personnel that would reward them for terminating benefits. Sun Life claims that it has corrected all this conduct; however, later training given to claims personnel noted, “our joke within the operation, but it's true, is that if it moves, we can measure it. This has allowed us to develop a lot of tools to help identify key opportunities so we have the right claims management plan on the right claims at the right point in time. This critical to our success.” What success? Reducing long term disability recovery rates.

It’s not uncommon for Sun Life to terminate or deny benefits by improperly emphasizing evidence favorable to the denial while ignoring evidence favorable to benefits, while giving an unreasonable explanation for terminating benefits, by relying on non-medical information, or by failing to adequately investigate the claim.

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