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University Disability Consortium

One of the services Disability RMS uses to obtain doctors to evaluate records for ERISA appeals is University Disability Consortium (“UDC”) of Massachusetts. Many of the doctors used by UDC no longer have active practices and no longer see patients. When you get a report from a UDC doctor you are not necessarily getting the opinions of that doctor. Instead, UDC conducts what it calls a “quality assurance review” and sometimes asks a doctor to change his or her opinion to match the opinion of another doctor. On one occasion when we caught UDC doctors doing this on an American United claim administered by Disability RMS. UDC assured Disability RMS that “we are changing our procedure such that on co-morbid reports, different wording will be used on each report.” That is, UDC wrote that it would continue to change its reviewing doctors' reports but promised it would be more careful in altering the wording so that the reports would appear to have been written by the same person. They did, in fact, alter in the case in question and presumably will do the same in future.

If you have a disability claim with American United which is terminated or denied by its administrator, Disability RMS, you need to look very closely at the medical reviews Disability RMS relies upon. Call a skilled ERISA attorney from our firm at (844) 710-2993!