Disability Claim Appeals

Understanding ERISA Appeals

The appeal phase is your last opportunity to make the administrative record as complete as possible. This administrative record includes all evidence submitted to the insurance company in relation to your disability claim. Once the disability claim appeal process is complete, the administrative record is “set in stone.” Should you file a lawsuit later on, the judge will only look at the existing administrative record. If you have not submitted enough supporting evidence or the right type of evidence, you could lose your case regardless of how sick or disabled you may be.

The most important thing to keep in mind is your deadline for filing an internal appeal, because you are limited to 60 days for older disability claims and 180 days if your disability arose after January 2002. You have to use this time very effectively. The appeal must be filed in accordance with the procedures and deadlines specified in your disability plan. If you don’t have your policy documents by now, you must obtain them quickly from the plan administrator.

Avoid Critical Errors In Your Disability Claim Appeal

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ERISA Lawyer For Denied & Terminated Disability Claims

Was your disability claim denied? Have you received a letter in the mail, terminating your disability benefits? A long-term disability attorney at ERISA Law Center may be able to help. We fight for disability claimants’ rights under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which offers specific protections and legal recourse to employees in regard to disability benefits, health care, life insurance, pensions and more.

Filing an appeal is a crucial step in the process of seeking disability benefits. It is actually required under ERISA if your claim has been denied or benefits terminated, and you wish to contest this decision. Before you can file a lawsuit against a disability insurance company, you must file an appeal (or appeals, depending on your insurance policy).

Suing To Get Your Disability Benefits

Fighting Wrongful Denial Or Termination Of Insurance Benefits

At ERISA Law Center, we are prepared to file a lawsuit against your disability insurance company for the wrongful denial or termination of your benefits. For people with disability claims, a lawsuit is the only means to obtain benefits or compensation. If your case falls under ERISA, you must first complete the appeals process before you can sue.

It is common for disability benefits claims to be denied and for appeals of those denials to be denied. The insurance companies know that many disabled people will simply give up. At ERISA Law Center, we have successfully filed hundreds of lawsuits – either winning reinstatement of benefits or reaching fair settlements. ERISA Law Center has extensive experience suing Aetna, American United, Anthem, Assurance, Blue Cross, Cigna, First Reliance, Guardian, Hartford, LINA, Lincoln Financial, Matrix, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Provident Life & Accident, Prudential, Reliance Standard, Reliastar, Sun Life, The Standard, United of Omaha, Unum and plans administered by Sedgwick. Call today to discuss your claim.