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My Story

When deciding on a law firm to represent me on my disability claim, there were two criteria that I used in the determination process. One was competency and the other was trust.

When you look at the wide range of legal options out there. It was clear to me that I wanted a law firm that focused rather specifically, if not exclusively, on disability issues. I spoke with several legal firms and most of them covered divorces, real estate closings, wills, and by the way, disability claims. But most of them had no clue about the depth of ERISA statutes and what that would mean. So in speaking with ERISA Law Center, it was clear that their primary focus is on ERISA statutes at both a federal level and at a state level, and that they had been down this path a number of times before.

Trust is a little bit more difficult to quantify but it’s pretty clear to most of us when you trust somebody and when you don’t. And after speaking to several law firms, I had the highest level of confidence and comfort with ERISA Law Center.

The staff was very professional. It was clear that they understood the implications that I didn’t know what was happening and I could use all the help that I could get and all the information that would be available to me. They were quite responsive and the attorney was also responsive in getting back to me whenever I had any questions. This is a long and drawn-out process, and it was nice to know that I actually had some folks there that would reach out to me, and would tolerate – if you will – some of the silly questions that I might have had and my complete lack of understanding of the legal implications of this disability claim.

ERISA Law Center kept me informed of all the issues that were current and being responded to by the insurance company. But more importantly, the attorney actually had a keen sense of anticipation. I didn’t know how long this would take. I didn’t know how each of the different aspects and each of the different stages and milestones of this entire claim would play out. Clearly, the lawyer had been down this path before. Clearly they had gone through all these circumstances with the insurance companies knowing when there was going to be a request for additional time; knowing when there was going to be an appeal on some major or minor point. I found it comforting to know that the lawyer was able to predict, almost to the day and the week, when things would happen, what the responses would be from the insurance company, and how we would then respond in turn to those responses. It was fascinating for me to see this all play out, and it was comforting to know that the attorney knew exactly what was going to happen.

ERISA Law Center explained to me exactly what my options were: whether it was settling out of court; whether it was the insurance company forcing the issue and taking us all the way to where a suit had to be filed. It was interesting to note that these statistics that were put out there were made available so that I could make a better decision about which direction I wanted to go in. But all along, I was steadfast in wanting to get on to the disability claim that I was entitled to. So my goal, whether other options were available, was just that simple. And regardless of the statistics that say 70% might settle out of court, that’s not what I wanted and that’s not what ERISA Law Center implied I had to do, stated I had to do or even allowed that to determine how they approached the case. Statistics are nice, but ultimately it was my desire to get onto the disability claim that drove our approach to this entire issue.

The results in this case speak for themselves. David beat Goliath again, and we beat Goliath at his own game. And that to me was the most rewarding aspect of this, that we were able to take them on, that we were able to approach them with everything that we had at our disposal and that ERISA Law Center could bring to bear on this. And that when push came to shove, the insurance company basically had to pay up. There can’t be a better barometer for success. And I am completely satisfied with the results of this case.