ERISA Experience You Can Rely On.

Marketing Manager

My life changed when I began working with ERISA Law Center. To be transparent, I was a wreck by the time I found ELC. From the first time I spoke to Mr. Rosati I felt that the trajectory of my existence would take a significant and profound turn. Not only was my health deteriorating but the whole process of finding a law firm which truly understood ERISA Law was overwhelming. When Mr. Rosati called me for the consult, I distinctly remember where I was sitting in my home and that it occurred over a weekend. In my experience, no attorney has ever taken the time to call on a weekend. That’s how significant the memory is because of how the conversation made me feel. It was a memorable discussion which made me realize that I had to be represented by this firm. Our consult flowed smoothly, and I realized I finally found the experts in the land of ERISA. I was on the verge of losing my benefits and their turn around was expeditious, professional and masterfully done. This firm knows what they are doing! Prior to finding ELC, I worked with two different law firms in my local area. That was the most stress I have ever experienced in my life. My health declined significantly due to these other firms not understanding the law and charging excessive hourly rates. For some reason, one law firm had the disability insurance company still contact me, which was most unpleasant. I’ll leave it at that.

So, when I began working with ELC, I was shaken by my worsening illness, the tactics of the disability company and the lack of understanding of ERISA Law by other firms. Finally, ELC took over, and I mean “took over”. They handled all communications and that was such a relief. They were already familiar with my health disability. Just amazing. I worked very closely with Ms. Busani throughout the appeals process. There have been multiple appeals won by ELC since they took my case. She was impeccable with follow through and thoughtful with her guidance. Since I have focus issues, I was a challenge (that is an understatement) for ELC. Ms. Busani has the patience of a saint and was able to get me back on track and guide me throughout the process. I am forever grateful for her. These attorneys specialize in this practice area. The entire team, including Jill Fulkes, work closely together and are seamless with their approach. They are head and shoulders above the rest. They are exceptional at dealing with the insurance company, while keeping the client protected from the harassment. Their work is done with precision, perfection combined with exceptional knowledge. It’s also important to note, their kindness and compassion have restored my faith in humanity.