ERISA Experience You Can Rely On.

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My Story

I had my wife do research online and she found several companies in the local area where we live and she did research, contacted and spoke to them and really was not satisfied with what they were telling her. So then she further went and found the ERISA Law Center online out in California and spoke to them, and after a while was comfortable for ERISA Law Center to represent us.

At the time, as we’re looking for a lawyer to represent me, I was unable to work anymore. I needed to have some legal representation to be sure that whatever disability I’m allowed or what I’m entitled to – especially that I’ve already have been on short-term illnesses and now this is like the doctor diagnoses as being a long-term situation – we needed to find a law group that had experience and knew how to, knew what were the rights and wrongs of putting in a disability claim and disability insurance that I might be entitled to.

The ERISA Law Center that happens to be located out in California is quite a distance from where I’m located. But like I had said, my wife had done a lot of research, and there had been companies that were out in New Jersey and the Manhattan area. We did not feel that the way they represented themselves – and my wife is extremely meticulous and she asks a tremendous amount of questions – unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do the kind of research because of my inability and my M.S. Ultimately, she found the ERISA Law Center in California. It was a little bit disconcerting that they were so far away, but after speaking to them and I myself being able to talk to the lawyer, started to feel more and more comfortable as the process began that this firm had my interest at heart and was going to do the right thing whatever, whatever the law allowed.

When I contacted ERISA Law Center it was to go ahead. I was denied at first and they were going to appeal the denial.

After I was denied by the insurance company, we hired ERISA Law Center, which was the reason we went to the lawyer for the appeal process because we decided that it would not be prudent for me to try to do the appeal on my own as I believe that there was only one opportunity to appeal and if I lost the appeal there would be no other opportunities. When we contacted ERISA Law Center they were totally understanding: they explained to me the entire process; they told me what the risks were; they knew the law because apparently the law is the same wherever you are, because it’s federal; and they took their time, because again it’s a lengthy process, it’s a scary process when you don’t know what’s going on, and it really was just a matter of being forthright and honest with the lawyer. And each step of the way, they explained it to me, and as thing progressed, they explained to me where things where were at. They made me feel very, very comfortable. And as more time went on the more comfortable I really felt, especially with not needing any additional stress, which the doctor had warned me over and over again to make sure I do not get stressed. They were extremely patient especially with all the questions that we were asking out of the fear that they were not just right around the corner.

One of the things that ERISA Law Center did was they actually sent me the document that showed the appeal. It gave me an opportunity for my wife and I to go through it, look it over to make sure everything was factual. Anything I did not understand, my lawyer, Thornton Davidson, really took the time to go through and explain to me what the appeal meant, and what was going on. We were very satisfied, because we knew this was the one chance we had and we felt comfortable.

And so the result of the appeal after it was filed was that the ruling was overturned to my favor and I was entitled to receive disability. I now believe about 2 1/2 to 3 years that I have been receiving disability benefits.