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My Story

I was receiving disability benefits from an insurance company and then at one point, they denied future benefits and said I was no longer disabled. I needed to obtain legal counsel, because I didn’t think that I would be able to prevail myself in trying to get my claim reinstated.

Well I realized that this particular insurance company that I was dealing with was really aggressive. They had done surveillance on me, which really didn’t amount to anything. But using this surveillance, they cut off my benefits and had sent the surveillance tape to my doctors and to my psychologist, and I realized that I needed some help in getting my claim reinstated; that I probably would not be able to prevail and do so myself.

I did some research. I realized that my claim probably wasn’t going to be a simple one to handle because it was covered under ERISA regulations, which I never really even knew existed. So I was looking for a law firm that had a good understanding of ERISA and would be able to represent me and do a good job, and based on my research, this is why I did select ERISA Law Center to represent me.

I did go on the Internet. I did ask some questions, did some research on my own to find out more about the ERISA regulations, and after looking at ERISA Law Center‘s website I was really impressed and wanted to give them a call to find out if they would be able to represent me; find out some more information whether or not I felt comfortable dealing with the law firm; and I had unfortunately had to deal with some other law firms in getting some other types of benefits reinstated. So I wanted to make sure it was a law firm that I felt very comfortable with.

I looked at the backgrounds of the lawyer who worked the law firm, and I was impressed with the research that I had done, even though I was a little bit apprehensive because I originally was looking for a law firm that was located in my general area – Marin County or San Francisco – but then I realized that in my particular case that didn’t really matter; that wasn’t even necessary.

Well, looking at, let’s say law firms, originally I thought it would be better to have someone representing me in the general area in Marin or San Francisco, but I realized, since this wasn’t going to involve necessarily a face to face encounter at the law firm, it probably wouldn’t amount to me having to travel anywhere, so there really was no need in finding a law firm that was right in my area.

I had been impressed with ERISA Law Center since I started my relationship with them in representing me against the insurance company, and the staff has always been very professional and friendly and helpful, and has always kept me informed by telephone, email and sent me hard copies of all documents pertaining to my case. What I really liked is they always let me know what to expect next, and my questions and phone calls were always answered very promptly, and that was important to me. I tend to be a consumer who is pretty demanding in what I get.

I felt ERISA Law Center did a good job of moving my case along, and making sure that I was informed through the whole process and I was very pleased with the amount of time that it took to get resolution in my particular case.

The resolution in my particular case, for me, meant that my benefits would be reinstated and that I would receive back benefits from the time that my claim was denied. So, I was very satisfied with that.

I’ve had ongoing contact with ERISA Law Center since my benefits were reinstated and they have continued to help me. I’ve gotten letters from the Insurance Company asking for updates on my medical history and requiring me to fill out documents, and ERISA Law Center has always been very helpful in helping me fill out those documents, which I’ve appreciated. As well as I’ve had some issues with a life insurance policy being denied and ERISA Law Center is also helping me with getting that life insurance policy reinstated.

I would recommend ERISA Law Center to friends or other family members or others who’ve had similar situations like mine without any hesitation at all. I’m very satisfied with the service I’ve gotten from the very beginning.