How You Can Fight Your Insurance

When your insurer denies or terminates your disability benefits, it can leave you feeling angry at someone who you thought would help you in your time of need. You would be right to feel this way, and seeking to sue your insurer would become a natural course of action.

If your case falls under the laws of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, there are steps you need to take before being eligible to sue.

Here at ERISA Law Center in Fresno, California, our long-term disability lawyer can help you through the whole process. With over 35 years of experience in these cases, our attorneys can help you through the appeals process that ERISA law requires before you are able to sue.

Defend Your Future With A Strong Litigator

Some insurers might deny or terminate your benefits in the hopes that you do not pursue legal action, so they can avoid paying you. Other insurers may expect a lawsuit, and fight aggressively to keep you from the benefits you deserve.

In either case, having an experienced litigation attorney will help you protect the benefits that you deserve. When the security of your future is on the line, you cannot leave anything to chance. If an insurance company wrongly denied or terminated the benefits of you or a loved one, get the help you need.

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