When I went looking for a lawyer to help me it was daunting to say the least. I started looking in the yellow pages and I looked on the Internet. I started calling lawyers. I was specifically looking for a lawyer who would understand what kind of case I had. But more than that, I was looking for a lawyer who would tackle “chemo brain” because I was finding lawyer and group after group of lawyers said that, “Oh, we’ve never done that before we’d like to do that”. And then I started learning about ERISA laws, which I didn’t know about, so after much research and a couple of weeks talking to these lawyers, I saw ERISA Law Center on the Internet. When I was scrolling through the testimonials, there was a nurse on there who had brain problems, memory problems, I can’t remember now if they called it chemo brain. But she was suffering from memory problems that kept her from doing her job and it was on ERISA Law Center's website and that’s why I called ERISA Law Center, period. And I knew as soon as I saw that, that they would be the people to help me because they were the first ones that I’d found that even mentioned chemo brain or injuries from chemotherapy. So it was, that was my choice.

It was extremely important to me that I find a law firm that had experience with chemo brain or memory problems associated with chemo therapy because I knew that, that was what was wrong with me. And I was having a really hard time explaining chemo brain even to some of my own doctors. Once I found enough information to figure out on my own that this is what I was suffering from, I needed a lawyer who would not brush it off like the doctors had been doing and that’s why it was important to me to find a lawyer who, who believed that there was such a thing as chemo brain and would investigate it: my job, my house, my career, my family, my money, everything, my health. So it was important to me to find a lawyer who, who at the very least understood it and if not, were willing to understand it and do something about it.

ERISA Law Center became like a family to me and they made it very easy to ask what I considered the stupid questions, or they didn’t make me feel like I was running the show in spite of myself.

TERISA Law Center made me feel like I could breathe, going through the entire appeal process, both times actually. Even though, I suppose it didn’t end up like we had tried to make it end up, our goal, it still ended up alright I think. I think ERISA Law Center fought for and did the best thing for me and I trust everything they said to me.

The staff and the attorney’s kept me so informed, in fact I felt I was there most of the time. In fact, I felt like finally somebody was doing all of the hard work that I would be doing if it were me and I think that’s part of the reason that I so trusted them is they went to every length and every detail, everything was important to them. Everything I thought or said, or even thought I said was important. And they let me know it and so it felt really good to be included in the process.

When ERISA Law Center and I first set out to win my disability, the goal was absolutely to win the disability. And when it turned out through no fault of our own, just the process, that the appeal was denied, I believed ERISA Law Center, that we had such a strong case that the disability company was hoping to squeak by with a denial and a settlement, which apparently is not common but I believed that ERISA Law Center, if I told them I don’t want to settle, I want to fight to the end, we would have fought to the end and we would’ve won as well. But at the time it was better for me to, to stop the process after a few years had gone by and just return to my life, and I think the evidence and the, just the guns that ERISA Law Center came out with, left no doubt in the disability company, the Insurance Company’s mind that if they wanted to fight with ERISA Law Center, they were going to lose. So they offered a little peace making settlement, and that was that. But I believe ERISA Law Center would’ve won regardless.

I was very satisfied with that result and under the circumstances I, I think it was an even better turn of events than it could have been. I think it worked out exactly like it should have.

I realized that that was the absolute best outcome because otherwise I would’ve had this disability company, you know, in my life for however long until they decided to drop me or kick me to a curb and I wouldn’t have been under the umbrella of ERISA Law Center at that time. The thought of not having ERISA Law Center in my immediate family so to speak, was a little scary to me. I knew that ERISA Law Center was the reason that I won the disability in the first place and I know that they are the reason that even though I lost, we lost the appeal, there was still a settlement involved. And I know it because of the fight. I know it’s because ERISA Law Center fought so hard. I know it. So I’m very happy with the outcome, I think that it’s the best outcome we could’ve gotten.