Litigating Your Claim

Fighting Wrongful Denial or Termination of Insurance Benefits

An ERISA Law Center long-term disability lawyer can file a lawsuit against a disability insurance company for the wrongful denial or termination of benefits. Many of our disability claims clients are justifiably angry with their insurance companies and may see a lawsuit as their only means to obtain redress. If their case falls under ERISA law, they must go through the appeals process before they gain the right to sue.

Some insurance companies are more litigious than others and pursue a strategy of pushing cases toward a court proceeding. In "overpayment" cases, the insurance company may initiate a suit for repayment of benefits already paid, and the disability claimant must defend against this threat.

You Pay Nothing Unless We Get You Benefits or a Settlement

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Should you have to file a disability insurance lawsuit or defend yourself, our long-term disability lawyer brings extensive trial backgrounds to the courtroom to prosecute your case. Fortunately, disability insurance claims can often be resolved out of court once the insurance company sees that an effective case has been prepared on behalf of the client. Both sides understand that litigation is time-consuming and expensive. This can result in negotiation of a settlement or a policy buyout. In all cases, the client retains the right to approve a final agreement.