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Our team is our greatest resource in helping you obtain disability or life insurance benefits. Each member is devoted to serving our clients with courtesy, professionalism, and knowledge. Our lawyers, Robert Rosati and Thornton Davidson, are admitted to practice in over 25 Federal courts and that list grows annually. The focus of our lawyers, and the entire team, is to relieve you of the pressure of dealing with adjustors and insurance company personnel. Through a combination of legal knowledge and commitment, our team works single-mindedly towards the best result for you.

At the ERISA Law Group, our team-centered approach puts your case in the hands of trained professionals at every step of the way. Whether it’s in monitoring the insurance company’s performance, appealing denied or terminated benefits, or litigating wrongful ERISA benefit denials, our staff will give you the ability to return to your number one task – taking care of yourself and your family. When you hire the ERISA Law Group to handle your ERISA appeal, you are assured of receiving a dependable law firm,reasonable fees, and the benefits of years of experience. 

The ERISA Law Group does not achieve its high level of work and success by relying only on its long-term disability attorneys. Although the attorneys prepare the ERISA appeals and appear in Court, there are several valuable members of the team who work extensively with clients. Faby Reyes is the Intake Specialist for the ERISA Law Group. Ms. Reyes obtains the valuable information needed from prospective clients in order to evaluate their cases. Ms. Reyes is noted for her extraordinary professionalism and thorough knowledge of disability practices. If the client requests, Attorney Thornton Davidson helps to answer initial questions relating to plan documents and legal strategy.

Once the client has been accepted into the ERISA Law Group family of clients, Paralegals Jill Fulkes and Raquel Busani collect and assemble the medical records and plan-specific elements for the attorneys to review. They also expertly tap into the wealth of knowledge possessed by the ERISA Law Group as to specific carriers, laws of applicable jurisdictions, and information about medical conditions. Once those materials are organized, Attorney Robert Rosati then molds this information into powerful factual and legal arguments in an effort to overcome the ERISA benefits denial. Both Mr. Davidson and Mr. Rosati handle the litigation cases which arise when an ERISA appeal is denied.

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