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What is a “waiver of premium” benefit?
A waiver of premium relates to your disability or life insurance coverage while you are on disability. So long as you remain disabled under the terms of that policy, you are entitled to receive these benefits free of charge. If you have been denied “waiver of premium” benefits, ERISA Law Center can assist you with evaluating your claim and helping you restore your benefits.

If I’m offered a “conversion” life insurance policy, do I have to take it?
A conversion life insurance policy arises when a life insurance benefit has been terminated or denied. Under these circumstances, you should be given the opportunity to “convert” your life insurance benefit from a group-sponsored policy to a private policy. Just because you’re offered such a policy doesn’t mean you have to take it. If you’re seriously ill and you do not purchase the conversion policy, however, you will be relying on the insurance company or the courts to reverse the denial of the original life insurance benefits. That may not be the best bet for you and your family. At ERISA Law Center we strongly recommend that clients in this situation convert their policy, if affordable, in order to protect themselves. If you then win your appeal, you can seek reimbursement of the costs of the conversion policy.

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