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Five Things You Should Know Before Filing for Disability Benefits

Depending on your long-term disability insurance to carry you through periods when you are physically ill or injured and unable to work should be a given. However, there are policies regarding your employer-sponsored disability benefits that you should thoroughly understand before assuming that that...

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Drafting an Effective Dire Need Letter

We had previously discussed the technique for attempting to expedite an SSDI claims hearing by submitting a dire need letter for review by a Administrative Law Judge. These letters are sometimes effective in speeding up the process and avoiding lengthy delays. Because the Social Security hearing off...

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The Details on Dire Need Letters

Filing for and awaiting a social security claim decision can be a lengthy process. Too lengthy for most, resulting in financial hardship for many. The many delays that arise throughout the process can extend the waiting period even further than normal and usually the financial hardship that is creat...

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The Process of Discovery in Erisa Claims

Going through discovery in a disability claim can give you a big advantage.  It is your chance to bring out evidence in your favor which show why your claim should not be denied.  Insurance companies know how detrimental this can be towards their case so it’s important to work with an ERISA lawyer t...

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Erisa Law Group Answers the Questions You Have About Long Term Disability

Do you know where to turn if you are hurt and disabled causing you to be unable to work?  There are differences in handling your claim depending on whether your employer provides long term disability insurance or if you have your own LTD insurance.  Both of these policies are hard to understand. You...

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The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney who Specializes in ERISA

An Erisa attorney can help you with long term disability insurance claims by evaluating your insurance claim and then explain what laws affect your case and talk with you about what options you have.  If it is decided to move forward then they will help fill out any insurance company forms, review y...

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The Importance of Hiring an ERISA lawyer

If you’re sitting at home trying to decide if an Erisa lawyer will really help you, be rest assured they will greatly make a difference in the outcome of your case. An ERISA lawyer protects your rights! Did you know that under ERISA (Employee Retirement & Income Security Act), you have no right...

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Four Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Disability Claim

Claiming disability is, more often than not, much more complicated than it actually should be. We often fall into the trap of believing that if we are in fact injured or ill enough as to not be able to work then receiving disability benefits should basically be a given. These assumptions often lead...

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Is Your Insurance Company Recording You? What To Know For ERISA Appeals

Have you been recently denied long term disability coverage? If so, it’s time to call the ERISA Law Group to start the ERISA appeals process. You may want to go straight into a lawsuit against your insurance company, but under the ERISA law, you cannot legally file a lawsuit without first goin...

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Why Your Long Term Disability Application Was Denied

If you’ve recently applied for long term disability and your claim was denied, it’s time to consider hiring a long term disability lawyer for the ERISA appeals process. Here at ERISA Law Group, we’re a group of attorneys that represent the disabled all across the nation. If we feel...

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